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BOOK of ME: idee

Girando per blog ho trovato questo ed incollo di seguito questo post ricco di idee e spunti per il BOM.

BOM (Book of Me) IDEAS

1. Favorite color (page done completely in favorite color)
2. Pieces of me (picture of me and words that describe me)
3. All things to all people…(list of the *things* I am?)
4. Favorite Things
5. Top 10 things that make my day…
6. You’ve got mail - (a pocket page with a bunch of those email surveys)
7. A day in my life (things about my day)
8. Worth Remembering (things I don’t want to ever forget)
9. Those TV Shows (about all the TV shows growing up)
10. Schools Revisited (all about my elementary, junior high and high schools)
11. Once Upon a Time (page about my teddy bear)
12. My collections
13. Books (pictures of my crammed bookshelves and a list of favorite authors)
14. Birthdays (shots of me from various recent birthdays)
15. Dream House (blueprints and journaling about the house we’d love)
16. 100 things i love (self explanatory)
17. Various family shots and journaling about the pics
18. Favorite food
19. Favorite music
20. Hobbies
21. Sports
22. Sounds and smells
23. Movies
24. Vacation/relaxation spots
25. Experiences
26. Till we meet again (a page with headstones)
27. Office (pics of my scrapping room)
28. Favorite childhood vacation memories (self explanatory)
29. I have also incorporated pictures of other family members and stories I remember and have some from them about me
30. My birth announcements (with newborn photo)
31. My mothers hands
32. Room By Room
33. a Dreams page for each child, what I hope & dream for them
34. Letter to daughters for the birth of their first child
35. Letter to husband for 50th anniversary
36. Page about a favorite memory of each of my grandparents
37. Things that make me cry
38. Where I got my talents from
39. Heirlooms/things I own I want to pass down from generation to generation
40. The view from my window
41. Things I wish I’d known when I graduated from high school, got married, had kids…
42. What I’d like to see out my living room window?
43. Phobia’s/things I’m afraid of?
44. The feats I’d attempt if I had the courage?
45. e-groups I belong to…
46. What I learned from my mother/father
47. A day when I had courage
48. If I only had one more day
49. Marriage Brings…
50. Reasons I’m a stay at home mom
51. Family traditions
52. I feel safe when?
53. Blast from the past
54. words to live by
55. Memorable smells
56. Things I miss from childhood, teen years, young adult, single
57. A dream or goal I failed to achieve
58. The most difficult phone call you’ve ever had to make
59. People who have touched my life
60. Friendships
61. Cars
62. Jobs
63. Siblings
64. Seasons
65. Travel
66. Most memorable date husband
67. Best day I’ve had without spending money
68. How I pamper myself
69. What you’d tell your teenage self
70. Missed opportunities
71. Leaving home
72. Page about my grandparents
73. Things that bug me
74. Modern conveniences I couldn’t/wouldn’t want to live without
75. Things that consistently bring me joy
76. Projects I’m juggling right now
77. My ultimate anything goes weekend
78. Things I’d NEVER do for money
79. The meaning of your name
80. Thoughts and feeling of 9/11
81. Family time
82. What matters most
83. Thanksgiving Menu
84. 50 states page: where I’ve been, where I’ve lived
85. Being a wife means
86. Being a mother means
87. Family traditions
88. Favorite quotes
Some suggestions for Book titles:

- Book of Me
- Book of Me from A-Z
- The A-Z of Me
- This is me from A-Z
- The World according to Me (or your name)
- Little book of Me
Here’s a chance to document some of those little known facts about yourself. Play with it! Make it fun.
—————————————TOP 10 (or more!) WAYS TO MAKE MY DAY
Lists are easy ways to warm up to the “Me” subject. Make a list of all the things that are bound to brighten your day. Your list can be descriptive sentences or single words. It’s up to you!! Once you get started, I bet you have a hard time limiting the list to ONLY 10.
—————————————TOP 10 PET PEEVESWho says your scrapbook has to be seen through rose colored glasses? What’s unique about you isn’t only what makes you happy…it’s what burns your hide, too! Use a sense of humor to keep the list from sounding “whiney”.Other Top-10 List Ideas

Top 10 Things I Like About Me
Things I want to do some day .
Genetic Pieces of Me

We all inherit different traits from our parents and grandparents. Each person is a mixture of the people who came before him or her, and has a specific genetic recipe” made up of specific “ingredients” from each parent and grandparent. Almost at birth, a child is described as having “her mother’s eyes” or “his grandfather’s nose.” Some traits may skip a generation, appearing in you and your grandparent, but not in your parent (e.g. you and your grandmother may have a talent for drawing, but your mother can’t draw at all).Using a photo of yourself (or your child, or your husband, etc), draw an arrow to each of your features and write down the person you think you got that feature from. Facial features include your hair color, eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheekbones, mouth, chin, freckles, ears.Be sure to also include a list of your traits other than facial features (e.g. artistic interest, athletic ability, mathematical skill, scientific interest, a love of reading, etc.) and write down which parent or grandparent each trait may have come from.”
Journaling Challenges

I know.I know.many of you see the word “journaling” and shudder in horror. “I’m not good with words” or “I just don’t know what to say.”For some people, journaling is a talent they can take to levels of art. Good for them! But the majority of us aren’t Hemingway’s. Journaling is a skill that needs to be exercised and polished. Get yourself a journal that feels good in your hands, find a writing utensil that you enjoy using, and just write. About anything. Nobody else needs to see it. Just make lists, if you like. The point is to exercise your journaling muscle and get comfortable with your own, unique style.Following are some interesting journaling prompts. They may or may not ever make it into your Book of Me. The purpose is to get you reflecting and then get your writing.~ My favorite hobbies/interests - when and how did you start?

~ What does your name mean? (www.namestusa. com/index. html) Do you think it fits you? If not, what name would your choose for yourself?

~ Complete this sentence: “I am good at..”

~ What does success mean to you?

~ Complete this sentence: “I want to be remembered for..”

~ Think of someone you loved who has passed away. Now make a list of the questions you wish you could ask them. Really take some time with this. When you are done, study this list. Notice something? Some day in the all too near future, someone will be wondering those questions about YOU! Answer these questions about yourself in your journal!

~ If today was your last day on earth, what would you like your children (or your husband, or your friends) to know about you?

~ If you won the million dollar lottery, how would you spend it and who would you spend it on?

~ If your house was on fire and you knew all of your loved ones were safe, what items would you try to rescue from your home?

~ Read a poem and write your reaction. It can be prose or poetry; in the same style as the poet, commenting on it, or a parody of it.

~ Go to your bookshelf and pick out 5 to 10 books (either randomly, or select books). List the titles and authors, then journal about what these books say about you. Why are they on your shelf? What did you learn from them? How have they influenced your thoughts, beliefs or actions? Was your life different after you read it? Were any of them a gift? Why did the person give you the book? You could also do a layout on books on your child(ren)’s bookshelves.

~ Do you really know what others think of you? Write an essay describing how you believe others view you. Then, read it to a trusted friend and ask what he or she thinks about it.

~ Create a journal entry that details the one aspect of your life that you would not want to change. Continue the entry by writing about what would happen if that factor did change.

~ What is something about you that always surprises people?

Consider these questions when looking through these word lists:

© How am I …?© What is my greatest ..?© What is my favourite ..?© What was my most memorable ..?

© How do I experience .. in my life?

© What/who does .. make me think of?

© What makes me ..?

© Who have I done this with/to/for?

Signature page
You saw my favourite ABC’s
In their many shapes and sizes
Some were wearing happy smiles
While others wore disguises
I hope you laughed and giggled
When you read my ABC’sAnd hopefully you saw yourself
Before the XYZ’s
—————————————Example A Example B Example CA special album you now hold,
A special album you now hold,
A special album you now holdBefore you sits treasures untold.
Better than silver, nicer than gold.
Before you sits memories untold

Childhood images, laughter and glee,
Captured moments, frozen in time
Childhood images, laughter and glee,

Displayed on these pages for you to see.
Dozens of words, some of which rhyme.
Displayed on these pages for you to see.

Everybody you love is pictured here,
Each page was made with loving care,
Each page was made with loving care,

Friends, family and other’s held dear,
For you to look at and to share.
For you to look at and to share.

Go ahead, look, you’ll like what you see
Go through the album, look carefully,
Go through the album, look and see

Here in this book about you and me.
Here’s a picture of you, a story from me.
Here in this book all about me

Interesting people and things that they do,
Interesting people and things that they do
Interesting things that I say and do

Join in the fun as I show them to you.
Join in the fun as I show them to you.
Join in the fun as I show them to you.

Kittens and mittens and birds in a tree,
Keepsakes and photos, treasured so well
Keepsakes and photos, treasured so well

Look at the pages - remember with me.
Learn what stories the pictures can tell.
Learn what stories the pictures can tell.

Many bright pages, more than a few,
Memories of people important to you
Memories of people important to me

New photos, old stories - and some about you!
New photos, old photos - more than a few.
New photos, old photos - more than a few.

Our story within these pages is told
Open this album and start to explore
Open this album and start to explore

Passing the tales to both young and old.
Pictures and memories and so much more.
Pictures and memories and so much more.

Questions and answers are what you can find,
Quotes and poems and things about you
Quotes and poems and a word or two

Reading this album with a curious mind.
Remembering things you used to do.
Remembering things I used to do.

Sharing with everyone things from the past
Sit down and read, look at each page
Sharing with everyone things from my past

Treasures that surely a lifetime will last.
To see all the pictures of you at each age.
Treasures that surely a lifetime will last.

Under each picture a word or two
Unique are these pages created by me,
Unique are these pages created by me,

Very neatly describes the photo to you.
Vast are the memories for others to see.
Vast are the memories for others to see.

Who do you know, where have they been?
Who’s happy? Who’s sad? Who’s in between?
Who do you know, where have they been?

X marks the places and people you’ve seen.
X marks the places and people you’ve seen.
X marks the places and people I’ve seen.

You’ve read it all? Here’s a familiar refrain…
You can read this book to the last page and then,
You can read this book to the last page and then,

Zoom back to page one and start over again.
Zoom back to the beginning and start over again.
Zoom back to the beginning and start over again.

—————————————The Beginning Of Me

- What month/day/year were you born?
- Where were you born?
- What’s your horoscope sign? What’s your sign under the Chinese calendar?
- What are some misc. facts from the day/year you were born?
- What does your name mean?
- Were you named after someone? Something?
- Did/Do you have any nicknames?
The Baby/Child Me- What were you like as a child? Your personality?
- What were your firsts?
- What was your favorite food? Least favorite?
- Did you have a favorite toy? Do you still have it?
- What were your favorite things?
- Who was your best friend? Are you still in contact?
- What is your first memory?
- Where did you live?
The Teenager/Young Adult Me- Were you rebellious?
- What were your favorite things? Least favorite?
- Who was your best friend? Are you still in contact?
- Where did you live?The Adult Me

- How are you different from the teenager/young adult you?
- What do you wish you knew then what you know now?
- When did you realize you were an adult?
- Were you happy about it?
- Where do you live?

The Loving Me

- Who is on your family tree?
- Do you have someone you consider family who really isn’t?
- What is your fondest memory with each of them?
- Do you talk with them often?
- Does your family have any traditions?

The Friendly Me

- Who is your best friend?
- Who else do you consider a friend?
- Do you talk with them often?
- What do you enjoy doing most with them?

The Animal Lover Me

- How many do you have now?
- Have you always had a pet?
- What are their personalities?
- What do they like? Dislike?
- What other pets would you like to have?

The Qualities of Me

- What are your best qualities? Your worst?
- Do you have any talents? Fears? Allergies? Bad habits?
- The Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual me
- Do you have any physical strengths? Any weaknesses?
- Do you have any emotions strengths? Any weaknesses?
- Do you have a spiritual side?

The Day To Day Me

- What is a typical day in your life like?
- What are the little things that bring you joy?
- Do you wish it were different? How? Why?

The Educated Me

- What school(s) did you go to?
- Did you like school?
- Did you do well in school? Do you wish you had?
- Who was your favorite teacher? Least favorite?
- What was your favorite subject? Least favorite?
- Were you involved in any activities; athletic, academic, or
- Were you elected anything; Prom Queen, Class President, Most Likely
To Succeed, etc?
- What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you achieve it? Why
or why not?

The Working Me

- What is your current occupation?
- What was your first job?
- What other jobs have you had?

The World Around Me

- What are your opinions of the world?
- How has it changed since you were young?
- What historic things have happened in your lifetime?
- How are things different from your parents generation? Your
- What other things do you want future generations to know about

The Traveling Me

- What places have you visited?
- What places would you like to visit?
- What method of transportation do you prefer?

The Likes of Me

- Examples include: color, movie, song, TV show, car, holiday, food,
desert, drink, store, restaurant, charity, quote, joke, book, guilty
pleasure, season, game, animal, place, celebrities, smell,
instrument, flower, material, kind of music, etc

The Dislikes of Me

- Examples include: color, movie, song, TV show, holiday, food,
season, place, actor, actress, singer, band, smell, material, kind of
music, meanness, racism, rudeness, stupidity, annoyances, etc

The Entertained Me

- What movies do you enjoy watching?
- Would you rather renting or go to a theater?
- What TV shows do you enjoy watching? What channels?
- What songs do you enjoy listening to? What genre?
- Who is your favorite celebrity? Would you want to meet them?

The Seasoned Me

- What are your favorite things about each season?
- What are your favorite things to do each season?
- Is there something that makes a season special for you?
- Do you dislike a season? Why?

The Winning Me

- What would you buy if you won the lottery?
- Where would you go?
- What would you do?

The Wishing Me

- What 3 wishes would you make for yourself?
- What 3 wishes would you make for others?
- What 3 wishes would you make for the world?

The Scrapbooking Me

- Why do you scrap?
- What do you like most about it?
- What are your favorite supplies? Techniques?
- What’s your process?
- Where do you find inspiration?
- Where do you find your supplies?

The Hobby/Collector Me

- Besides scrapbooking, what else do you enjoy? Why?
- What is your favorite thing about it/them?
- Where do you find inspiration?
- Where do you find the materials for it/them?
- Do you collect something? What? Why? How is it displayed?
- Are you a pack rat?

The Unique Me

- What is your clothing style?
- What things amaze, puzzle, and intrigue you?
- Do you like playing or watching sports?
- Are there any more misc. tidbits that make you you?

The Daring Me

- What would you attempt to do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

The Memories of Me

- What memories do you have for the pictures you don’t have?

The Different View of Me

- How do other people view you?
- What do they have to say about you?
- What do they think are your best and worst qualities?

The Future Me

- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
- What are your hopes, dreams, and goals for the future?

Here’s another quiz. See how you do on this one:
1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.
2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.
3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.
4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and
5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.
6. Name half a dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.

Journaling Prompts : Lists of Ten from Michael’s the Arts and Crafts

my 10 favorite books
my 10 favorite movies
my 10 favorite pieces of music
my 10 favorite scents or smells
my 10 favorite sounds
my 10 favorite words
my 10 favorite quotes
my 10 favorite things

10 places I have lived, in order
10 unforgettable moments in my life
10 things I love about my spouse (or children or pets)
10 things I’ve always wanted to do that I haven’t done (yet)
10 countries I would love to visit
10 types of food or dishes I’ve never eaten that I’d like to try
10 things I’d like to learn
10 things I would do if I won the lottery
10 reasons I would (or wouldn’t ) want to be famous

10 biggest fears
10 greatest joys
10 deepest sorrows

10 people who are alive today I would love to meet (and why)
10 people no longer living I would love to meet (and why)
10 people I have met who impressed me the most (and why)
10 people alive today I admire the most and would like to emulate

10 things I expect in a good friend
10 things I think are crucial for me to be happy
10 things I believe in
10 things I’m optimistic about
10 things I’m pessimistic about
10 of my absolute worst pet peeves
10 unfinished projects hanging over my head

If I had 15 minutes to evacuate my home before it was to be destroyed
by a hurricane, what 10 things would I grab (not including people or
pets) If I were going to be stranded on a desert island, what 10
items would I want in my pockets?

10 of my very best ideas
10 of my very worst ideas
10 things I’ve done or said that I’m proud of
10 things I’ve done I wish I hadn’t

If I could live in any era of history, what would it be - list 10
reasons why
If I could be any age, what would it be- list 10 reasons why
What was my favorite grade in school- list 10 reasons why

10 things I learned at school “not” on the curriculum
10 things I really like about myself
10 things I really like about my best friend, sibling, parent, or

What was my favorite vacation or trip ever - list 10 reasons why

The 10 most important things in any relationship.

lunedì 21 luglio 2008

chatta e scrappa....

Si inaugura la chat di SCC, intervistando Maia HI HI HI!

domenica 20 luglio 2008


Vorresti far parte del Team Creativo di ScrapbookingClubCafè???
Questo è il momento giusto per candidarti!!!

Sei mesi di impegno (rinnovabili) ed un 'regalo di benvenuto' fornito dagli sponsor dell'associazione a fronte di due progetti scrap (e non solo!) +un articolo o tutorial al mese - sempre tenendo conto delle tue capacita' personali ed uniche.

Il tutto è valido anche per chi non è ancora associato ad SCC: proponiti, lanciati nella mischia… e, nel caso fossi selezionata, sarai esentata dal pagare la quota di adesione per il 2009 ma socia a tutti gli effetti.

Per partecipare invia tre lavori originali ed inediti al seguente indirizzo e-mail: entro e non oltre domenica 31 agosto 2008.
Per qualsiasi chiarimento fai riferimento a questo post (puoi fare le domande nei commenti), al thread sul forum (per le socie) o direttamente all'email del TEAM


Chi mi conosce un pochino sa della mia 'mania' per i detersivi & Co. ;)
Queste ATC sono per uno swap organizzato su SCC a tema libero... e allora via strappare etichette, incollare su un fondo spennellato di acrilico glitterato e plastificare!!!

Semplici e 'pulite' :))))))))))))))))))))))))

giovedì 17 luglio 2008

mercoledì 16 luglio 2008

Hello Kitty Crocs

Per l'ispirazione di questa settimana sul Blog di SCC, un LO dedicato alle mie 'crocs' marcate Hello Kitty!!! :)

martedì 8 luglio 2008


io e la ZIa Marcy ci proviamo i cappelli... nella mia sala! ;)

Album porta inchies

Serata online su SCC e abbiamo realizzato un semplicissimo album porta inchies..

di lato:
e un primo piano per questo bel gufetto cicciottino :)

ora ... e' da riempire!!! ;)

mercoledì 2 luglio 2008


Avevo un bellissimo album in formato 15x15 comprato tanto tempo fa, poi ho avuto l'idea giusta...
sara' l'album mio e delle mie scrap-amiche... "Lara&"
Ho appena terminato due pagine, le inserisco subito. Poi scansionero' le altre che sono gia' nell'albumino...

compagne di cucito, piscina, allieve instancabili di Joan.... potrei scrivere tre pagine, mi fermo qui

due romagnole veraci, con lo stesso identico dialetto e gli stessi modi di dire :) lei sempre abbronzata ed io pallidissima. Buone come il gelato panna e cioccolato, il caffe' col latte....


Floriana ha postato una nuova ispirazione sul blog di SCC: il journaling di soli aggettivi.
E questo è Andrea 'aggettivato'

martedì 1 luglio 2008

Conto alla rovescia

Siete pronte per la SS2008?????